A Picture Tour of My Garden

A Picture Tour of My Garden

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With the adequate rainfall and mild temperatures we’ve experienced this summer, it has been a great year for the garden. I’ve been away at a garden conference, so I just wanted to take this week to share with you some of my favorite images from the garden so far. Tell me, what are you most proud of in your garden this year?

I’ve enjoyed growing this beautiful red banana tree in a patio pot for the past three years. I love the red foliage with the chartreuse of the coleus.

Some of my favorite, colorful ceramic planters are filled with lovely foliage plants. I save my elephant ear bulbs every year and replant them in the pots.

The perennial border around my vegetable garden fence has done just wonderfully this season. All the little native bees are thrilled with the addition of mountain mint I made to the garden last year.

This tall Rudbeckia has gobbled up the statue my husband gave me as a birthday gift a few years back. Still, I think it’s my favorite garden vignette this season.

My vegetable garden has been super productive this year—I’ve already made three batches of pickles! I can barely walk through the foliage because it is so lush!

I hope my artichoke plant will survive the winter. I’ll have to baby it, but if it makes it, it will be soooo worth the extra effort!

Nasturtiums grace the top of rock wall at the front of my house. I love the red perennial hibiscus with the Helianthus, too!

The perennial bed on my driveway is filled with heat- and drought-tolerant plants, including this Verbena bonariensis.

Another combination from the hot driveway bed: Heliopsis and Russian sage. I love the colors together!

The container by our front steps is always filled with shade-loving plants, including licorice plant, dragonwing begonias and an upright fuchsia.

Our butterfly garden has been gung-ho this year. It includes plants like red monarda, phlox, butterfly bushes and coneflowers.

Here is another shot of the perennial bed around our vegetable garden.

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